Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Different between primary care and primary health care

The difference between primary care and primary health care

Primary care is the basic care given to an individual/client in case of a disease or illness. This care consist of the basic procedures or drugs to be used with the basic management of that particular illness or disease before one steps up to further management or use of stronger drugs or use of alternative method of treatment. In primary care its what one can do to the client first.

- Primary health care is health care given to the primary level of service, that is level 2-1 of health system. Primary health care mainly deals with pro motive and preventive measures to control or prevent a situation in health care. At this level of care we mainly deal with health education, demonstration and social behavior change for the clients to develop positive health care behavior to promote health and avoid development of diseases or complications. This is the level where community strategy has been concentrated on by use of community members in health care. Primary health care was adopted in  Al-Matta but it has not worked well because of non defined methods of its implementation with parallel programs being developed. With integration of programs and defined methods  i think primary health care is best suited to achieve health for all.


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Epidurals-Real risk for both mothers&babies. by Dr.Sarah Buckley

Many women have a good experience with epidurals. Sometimes the relief from pain can allow a woman to rest and relax sufficiently to go on and have a good birth experience. However deciding to use an epidural for pain relief can also lead to a "cascade of intervention", where an otherwise normal birth becomes highly medicalised, and a woman feels that she loses her control and autonomy. Often the decision to accept an epidural is made without an awareness of these, and other, significant risks to both mother and

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meet with La Leche Leaque Leader in Thailand Jenny Perez Genge in Bangkok

“Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mother & Baby”

Thursday, August 26th – 2010, from 9:30 am to 11:30am
at Ladybird International Kindergarten (21 Soi Promsri 2 ‐ Sukhumvit 39)

Mothers are amazed to hear about many remarkable qualities of human milk,
their bodies fantastic ability to produce milk as well as the positive impact
breastfeeding has on families, the environment and society.

Upcoming meetings:
− Baby arrives: The family and the breastfeeding baby: Thursday, September
30th, 2010.

− The art of breastfeeding and overcoming difficulties: Thursday, October
28thth, 2010.

Babies are always welcome at La Leche League meetings.

Contact person in Bangkok:
Jenny Perez‐Genge
(La Leche League Leader)
Tel. 081‐585‐3025;

For directions to get to Ladybird, please see the map of
Ladybird: d=contactus.php