Wednesday, March 31, 2010

next La Leche League meeting in Bangkok :"Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mother and Baby".

La Leche League International
Announces its upcoming meeting for Breastfeeding Mothers in Bangkok
“Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mother & Baby”
Thursday, April 1st – 2010, from 9:30 am to 11:30am
at Ladybird International Kindergarten (21 Soi Promsri 2 ‐ Sukhumvit 39)
Breastfeeding is a simple and natural process but you may need support
and information on the correct positioning of the baby at the breast,
working and breastfeeding, avoiding problems and overcoming any
difficulties that may occur.
Knowing other mothers who have breastfed their babies can be helpful
and reassuring. Having accurate, up‐to‐date information is also
Attending La Leche League meetings can help you learn about
breastfeeding from other nursing mothers. At these monthly meetings,
mothers share not only their questions and concerns but also the
benefits and joys of breastfeeding. Being in touch with La Leche League
can give you the network of support you need.
Upcoming meetings:
− Baby arrives: The family and the breastfeeding baby: Thursday, April 29th,2010.
− The art of breastfeeding and overcoming difficulties: Thursday, May 27thth, 2010.
Babies are always welcome at La Leche League meetings.
Contact person in Bangkok: Jenny Perez‐Genge (La Leche League Leader)
Tel. 081‐585‐3025;

For directions, please see the map of Ladybird: